Bling Metal iPhone Bumper Case for iPhone 5

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Bumper Frame
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This Bling Metal iPhone Bumper Case has many bling rhinestones and jewelry on the frame.

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Simple, low profile case. Provides some bumper protection on the sides and corners. Seems sufficient to protect the phone in my usual situations.

Patrick McDaniel

It's slim, sleek, hardly noticeable, and my case hasn't started discoloring yet (but if it does I have some peace of mind knowing there is a warrantee).***BUY THIS CASE.***I haven't dropped my phone yet (my last iphone shattered twice so I'm extra cautious) but it definitely feels sturdy enough to handle any average dings and falls.

Koller Brian

I originally purchased the leather iPhone 5s case from Apple, but after the leather changing colors and it peeling and just showing signs of rough use which looked like I had the case for months meanwhile I only had it for a couple days. I have the Gold iPhone 5s and what was the point of waking up early that morning to order it and get the limited gold if you can't even see it!? I had a teal one before for my iPhone 4s and now I wanted one again. It has a nice large camera hole, bigger then the one on Apple's case, so you know your pictures wont get screwed up. A nice texture that will keep it in your hand, yet slide right in to your pocket. You can easily push the buttons. And just overall, it is a REALLY nice case! The charge port even has a lot more room than the Apple case!You cannot go wrong at all with this case! If you're looking at it that means you're interested, so just BUY IT!

Cathryn Mccall

I liked that it protects the back of my iPhone 5S. All ports are easily accessible and not hidden by the cover eg. speaker, charger, on/off switch

Anthony Shelton

This is the perfect case for the iPhone 5s. It provides protection without compromising the appearance and design of the phone. It's the closest thing to not having a case while still having protection.

Susan Taylor

Simple in design, functionality, and easily installable. Looks great, while allowing the features of the iPhone 5s to be openly displayed and seen. Seems to be better crafted for minor mishaps, while allowing for easy handling and normal everyday use.

jim jackson

Yes! I just got my gold 5s... 2 hours ago. Super excited. It fits the phone like a glove, no issues that it was originally made for the 5, its perfect, even the camera/flash. it's the price to pay for having such great construction, and perfectly clear.

Angela Powell

Looks nice and the protector overlaps the screen which I like.

Roma Stibravy

Exactly what I was wanting and expected!! The colors were the same as in the picture and they fit very nicely.

joseph jung

i have used these for many years. they are very durable and get three for the price. will buy again and again

Reid Faulkner